Locatie: 41°24’12.2”N 2°10’26.5”E


BECAUSE OF THE “T EUIFEEST” IN HASSELT THE ENTIRE PARKING LOT IS NOT ACCESSIBLE FOR 2 WEEKS: most time this is the last week august /first week september

The (heated) toilet building is intended for campers that are NOT SELF-CONFITIATED; TO BE OPENED WITH THE CODE ON YOUR RECEPTION CARD, the reels outside are connected to running water. One reel is for drinking water only and one for rinsing after emptying the toilet cassette.

ATTENTION: In winter the outside taps are closed in case of frost.

A roll-off container is available for your garbage and dog poop bags.

Reservations are not possible for the parking lot; there is no management present, but there is camera surveillance and supervisors are nearby.
There is room for about 50 campers behind the barriers.